Wendy Wilkinson

Wendy Wilkinson, New York Times bestselling nonfiction author, takes her work in a new direction with her debut novel PIRATES PLUNDER An Adele Bonny Adventure. This first novel in a trilogy, chronicles the historical adventures of eighteenth-century pirate Anne Bonny and her fictional niece Adele Bonny who, thirteen generations later,  teams with her ancestor to solve modern day Pirates retrieval cases throughout the Caribbean.

Stories and tales of the Caribbean and high seas are in Wendy’s blood.  Growing up near the beaches of Southern California, Wendy and her husband spend many weeks a year at their cottage in the Bahamas, sailing aboard their 28-foot Sabre sailboat.  She recently partnered with Morgan Freeman on the acclaimed celebrity lifestyle cookbook MORGAN FREEMAN & FRIENDS, Caribbean Cooking For A Cause. The book features island stories, reminiscences and recipes from such renowned chefs and notables as Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom, Kenny Chesney, Katie Couric, Tom Hanks, Daisy Fuentes and Alicia Keys, just to name a few.

Wendy has been studying pirate lore and modern day pirates for six years and the prequel to her first pirate novel is ARGHH! Being the Vexing Letters of Pirate Anne Bonny to Her Secret Sister, the 1720 to 1724 fictionalized historical account of Anne Bonny and her pirate captain lover Calico Jack Rackham during the years they terrorized the waters of the Caribbean.

A horse owner and horse lover for more than 30 years, Ms Wilkinson is the co-author of the New York Times best-selling book People We Know, Horses They Love, the first book of its kind to reveal through personal stories and intimate photographs the ties that bind notables in the film, music, television, literary and equine world.  The book profiles 30 renowned celebrities including; Robert Redford (cover), Morgan Freeman, Hilary Duff, Richard Gere, Gisele, Dennis Quaid, Maria Shriver, and horse gentler Buck Brannaman, among many others.

Wendy is also the co-author of the 1999 critically acclaimed PARENTS AT LAST: Celebrating Adoption and the New Pathways to Parenthood, based on her family’s adoption of her daughter from China.

A free-lance writer for more than a decade with a Master’s degree in Journalism, her work has been published in many national and regional publications including the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles magazine, Fit and Fit Yoga, Travel & Leisure Caribbean (on-line) and Colorado Springs Style magazine.  Ms. Wilkinson is currently crafting celebrity cover and travel stories for Frontier Airlines in-flight magazine Wild Blue Yonder and Cowboys and Indians magazine profiling such celebrities as Gabrielle Anwar, Jeff Bridges, Christie Brinkley, Mark Harmon and Morgan Freeman.