About Bellekeep Books

Welcome to our new imprint! Bellekeep Books recognizes, honors and publishes Women’s Fiction. Our company is based in New York, New York, and in Los Angeles, California and is run by a small group of industry professionals who believe in excellence in publishing, the vitality of fiction, and the importance of connecting a unique genre to its core readership.

Bellekeep Books are distributed by midpoint Trade Books, one of the largest distributors in the industry, with over 250 independent presses in the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Australia and Ireland.

  • Margot Atwell – Associate Publisher: MargotatBellekeepBooksdotcom  (MargotatBellekeepBooksdotcom?subject=contact%20via%20bellekeepbooksdotcom%20About%20page)  
  • Tara Goff – Assistant Publisher: TaraatBellekeepBooksdotcom  (TaraatBellekeepBooksdotcom?subject=contact%20via%20bellekeepbooksdotcom%20About%20page)  
  • Vicki Werkley – Editor: VickiatBellekeepBooksdotcom  (VickiatBellekeepBooksdotcom?subject=contact%20via%20bellekeepbooksdotcom%20About%20page)  
  • Patrice Samara – Marketing Director: PatriceatBellekeepBooksdotcom  (PatriceatBellekeepBooksdotcom?subject=contact%20via%20bellekeepbooksdotcom%20About%20page)  
  • Jonatha King – PR & Press Relations: JonathaatBellekeepBooksdotcom  (JonathaatBellekeepBooksdotcom?subject=contact%20via%20bellekeepbooksdotcom%20About%20page)  


  • Mara Purl: MaraPurlatMaraPurldotcom  (MaraPurlatMaraPurldotcom?subject=contact via bellekeepbooksdotcom About page)  
  • Wendy Wilkinson: wilkinsonpratcomcastdotnet  (wilkinsonpratcomcastdotnet?subject=contact via bellekeepbooksdotcom About page)